Gettin’ that Mat Zo fo’ sho: ‘Pyramid Scheme’ feat. Chuck D [Original Mix] [HAPPY]


At his core, Mat Zo is a good man.

Let me start over.

At his core, Mat Zo is a great man.

Rarely has an artist made such an impact on the industry with not only his music, but with his character. Anyone who meets the young British producer has nothing but great things to say about his musical taste, composition style, and most importantly, his temperament toward a somewhat uncongenial industry. Coming from a musically talented family gave Mat the insight and skill set to master just about any genre, and his most recent single exemplifies his unique ability to build intricate and innovative compositions.

Recently, Mat decided to deactivate his Twitter account which was one of the most popular and controversial accounts in EDM. When asked why, Mat responded, “I took it down because I was starting to spend more time on twitter than making music, which is what I really love doing. Spouting my inconsequential ramblings was proving to be a bad habit. Reading other people inconsequential ramblings was also proving to be a bad habit. I’m much happier without it.”

Well Mat, all we can say is thank you for finding more time to make the music we love.

His latest single, ‘Pyramid Scheme’, has been in production for the past two years and has been played in many of his live sets. It started out as a hard-hitting electro track, but over time each piece of the composition developed and re-shaped itself. The largest contribution came from a sample of Public Enemy’s ‘Can I Get a Witness’, which took months for Mat to clear the rights to. After a long and grueling process, Public Enemy’s Chuck D decided to step in and provide the vocals instead of just securing the rights.

The result?

Pure genius.

One comment on “Gettin’ that Mat Zo fo’ sho: ‘Pyramid Scheme’ feat. Chuck D [Original Mix] [HAPPY]

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