Ellie Goulding – Burn [Tiesto Remix] [Happy]


A genre of music originally popular in the early 80’s is making a come back in the form of one of the most popular and beautiful female artists in the industry today, Ellie Goulding. After producing radio hits ‘Lights‘ and ‘Starry Eyed‘, the voice of her generation went and collaborated with Calvin Harris on her most recent track, ‘I Need Your Love‘. There’s no arguing that this 26 year old singer-songwriter has made a name for herself not only in EDM, but throughout the music and entertainment industry. Teenage girls and EDM bros agree; this girl can sing.

With her powerful voice and wide vocal range, the EDM world just cannot say no to working with Ellie. Her mesmerizing, transient voice created a discography more impressive than the Blackhawks running train on the NHL this season. However, the question is, whose next?

Tiesto, that’s who. His remix of ‘Burn‘ is exactly what you would expect from the legendary Dutch producer. A solid, fist pumping beat, complimented with an euphoric melody that leaves you feeling like a 5 year girl finding a puppy on Christmas morning.  Who doesn’t love puppies!? (People don’t forget, Mike Vick.)

By slowing down the vocals and pairing them synchronously with Tiesto’s big-room sound, the result is unprecedented depth that sounds like you’re raving in the Grand Canyon. And by the time the song actually drops, your inadvertent finger just happens to be clicking repeat.


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