Collie Buddz – Come Around (Minnesota Remix) [Reggaeton Bass] [FREE]


Minnesota is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. And no, we’re not talking about the land of 10,000 lakes.

Christian Bauhofer has occupied a special place in the heart of Rager Onions since we saw him play live at Spring Awakening Music Festival this June in Chicago. The amount of energy that his set brought to the crowd was unreal, especially considering the fact that he went on during the middle of the afternoon on one of the smaller stages. While the rest of Chicago crammed into the main stage enjoying the sounds of Krewella, those craving a little something heavier moseyed on over to the south stage for a bass-filled, synth-infused spectacle. He played all the right jams at all the right times. Any of us would tell you that it was one of the most memorable sets of the entire three day weekend.

Well, it would seem Mr. Bauhofer knows exactly was his fans want to hear. His latest remix of Collie Buddz’s song ‘Come Around’ is yet another testament to this fact.

The downtempo, dubstep reggaeton works perfectly for Minnesota on this remix. The percussion piece that opens the track and leads into the build is crisp and flawlessly executed. Now throw in those chilled out, cliched reggae lyrics and get ready. The song drops with this rolling, distorted bassline that is nothing less than an auditory eargasm. As soon as we heard it, we fell in love. We hope it gives you the very same goosebumps.

Show Christian some love and maybe spread that love around while you’re at it.


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2 comments on “Collie Buddz – Come Around (Minnesota Remix) [Reggaeton Bass] [FREE]

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