The Unsigned Goldmine: EH!DE [Remix Mastery]

In our opinion, EH!DE exists as one of the most talented and disturbingly undiscovered prodigies to grace the dubstep scene this year. This Spanish production whiz continually comes out with remixes of the most popular songs in EDM, while still managing to somehow make each song fresh, inventive and just plain awesome. This leaves us wondering; why has no major label taken notice of this?

A few days ago, EH!DE bestowed two new tracks upon our beloved Onionites. Again, the original tracks he chose to work with are absolutely colossal tracks on their own – Black Magic by Kill The Noise and Fly by Protohype (this one truly peaked our interest). If you enjoyed these jams, we highly encourage you to give this Seville-based producer a chance with some of his other pieces.

Don’t believe us? PROOF!

Lend us your ears to a pair of buds (the ear kind) and open your mind to some of this complex, chaotic and melodic dub.


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