Shreddie Mercury Rips A New One: ‘We Go’ [Funky]

After a hectic first half of summer with performances at the Governors Ball in New York, Electric Forest in Michigan, and WaveFront in Chicago – Shreddie Mercury finally has some down time.   During this time, he has slept (as any normal person would), picked up old video games (many of which he gets inspiration), caught up with old friends,  been way too close to baby poop at a restaurant, and even gotten in front of his computer to come up with some more complex tunes.

Today he released a preview of a new track entitled, “We Go”, and the title is self-explanatory.  The build has a driving kick with a complex melody, along with vocals that you almost fail to notice as they seamlessly mesh. All of this combined instantly will make you want to, well you know, ‘Go’.  Whether it’s jump up and down, shake, or make weird convulsing movements – you will be moving. All while this chaos is occurring, you can still hear the beautiful chord progression that Shreddie spins into his melody.

This one and half minute preview leaves you wanting more, and his punny name and odd genre description will keep a smile on your face as you search and discover more of this up-and-comer’s amazing tunes.

Like what hear? Don’t miss his set at TomorrowWorld in September.

Guest submission from John Roberts. 


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