Mayhem and Antiserum – Pakistan [Trap-esque] [Heavy]

Mayhem and Antiserum offer up a collaborative piece that has certainly caught the attention of listeners everywhere. Their free track ‘Pakistan’ has got some balls, big balls. And from what we know about Darwin and evolutionary theory, big balls equals evolutionarily fit. A fit species is more likely to produce viable offspring (in this case: tracks) that are harder, faster and stronger than other members of the same species (in this case: other artists).

On this next jam, Mayhem and Antiserum have coagulated their superior genetic pools to synthesize a true freak of nature. They call it Pakistan. We call it a true banger.

Drawing inspiration from the east, Mayhem and Antiserum have decided to focus on one country in particular. The ominous ticking of a clock begins the dark introduction to this track fit for any club or rave setting. As the track begins to take off, the duo drops a sweeping set of laser synthesizers that provide the major rhythm to this out-of-this-terrestrial-realm bassline.

The jam is sure to get your blood pumping, too bad it’s only Monday. Mini-rave session until bedtime?

You’ve got a big day tomorrow.


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