Grizmatik Returns With “My People”, Another Epic Collaboration [Funky]

Monday just got a whole less shitty.

But it’s too bad us in Chicago didn’t see this until 11pm. Fortunately, staying up past our bedtime was a wise decision.

It seems Mad Liberator and the Gram Addict strike again. Last summer, it was their first-ever collaboration “Digital Liberation is Mad Freedom” – which became one of the summer’s biggest hits, and ranked as one of our top 10 songs of 2012.  Since March 5th, we’ve waited for the return of the masterful duo.

And tonight, the wait pays off. “My People” is the second track bestowed upon us by Grizmatik. Last year, the duo performed together (along with an after party) at Northcoast. Griz and the Gram-Addict are one of EDM’s most creative tag team, and the excel in the art of funk.  For the groovy of heart, Grizmatik is electronic soul in its grooviest harmony. A collaboration between two mighty talented artists, using their superpowers for an even more superior sound.

If you’re like us after hearing this, you’ll be up all night to get funky.


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