Savant – ‘Cult’ B-Sides [FREE DOWNLOAD!]

Our favorite Norwegian producer continues his onslaught of releases in true Savant fashion, offering fans four additional ‘B-sides’ from his most recent full-length release, Cult. According to Aleksander’s Facebook page, all four tracks were actually produced over the span of this past week. This leaves us asking, how many other producers are capable of producing equally great jams in the timespan of seven days?

Answer: The daily double. What is very few?



Steering away from many of the sounds heard on the primary, 10-track release of Cult, Savant changes the pace and provides a funkier, more elegant touch to his bonus beats. In our opinion, these songs sound more reminiscent of the Savant style that we all fell in love with a short year ago.

Each new track bring something a little different to the table. ‘Black Pearls’ is a funky, 8-bit lovers dream that is riddled with chip tune samples and sounds hauntingly similar to releases by another Norwegian sensation, Röyksopp. In ‘Stereophobia’, Aleks continues his domination of classic video game sound, while laying down some of the quintessentially funk-tastic synthesizers heard in these parts.

Now don’t even get us started on his bonus track titled ‘Catharsis’. This jam overtly displays Savant’s mastery of production skill with the symphonic introduction that crescendos into a complex layer of perfectly overlapping compositions. Now see what you did? You got us all worked up.

Finally, the fourth release, ‘Sins’, is the most reminiscent of old-school Aleksander Vinter. This song has complexity and energy for days. So if you’re feeling sluggish after a long, miserable Monday, give this one a try.

It would seem that nothing will stop Savant from producing at such an uncanny rate. Be sure to look out for more fantastic music in the near future.


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