Here We Go: KATFYR’s New EP From SectionZ [Heavy]

KATFYR is the latest and greatest product of SectionZ, and one of the fastest-growing, most versatile labels in the electronic music industry.

This Portuguese native navigates swiftly through epic, complex drops and melodic transitions that coalesce in an extremely chaotic (but surprisingly coherent) fashion. KATFYR has found the perfect home with SectionZ alongside artists like Savant, Soulero, City 17 and Kaster.

His remix of Katy Perry’s ‘ET‘ has taken the EDM world by storm and garnered over a million views to date. And you still haven’t heard of him? Get with the program dude, or dudette (no need to discriminate here). KATFYR is most definitely an artists that you cannot pass up.

With a heavy chip-tune influence (classic video game based sound), KATFYR productions are as nostalgic as they are revolutionary. Green Hill, a track from this EP, is a tribute to a particular level on Sonic the Hedgehog that shares the very same name.

Give a listen to the tracks below and be sure to check out other songs by this fantastic producer here. The album can be purchased on Beatport as well.


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