Funky, Fresh, Felguk: ‘Slice and Dice’ (EP)

After 6 years of creating music together, the Brazilian duo Felguk (Felipe “Fel” Lozinsky and Gustavo “Guk” Rozenthal) decided they needed to release an EP like nothing they had done before. Although a few of the songs were made last year, the idea of putting them all together came more recently while they finished producing the rest.

Continuously motivated by the industry around them (and their love for Rock, Reggae, and other genres) – they set out to create something that would reflect their ability, passion, and musical depth.  They didn’t want an EP filled with individual tracks, but instead wanted tracks that told a story and built an identity throughout the EP.

The first of the two collaborations you will find on the Slice and Dice EP is a remix from 12th Planet. While in LA, Felguk met with 12th Planet and they decided to swap remixes. The second track is from Infected Mushroom.  The duo had been fans of Infected Mushroom before they started to produce music, and have become good friends since hitting the EDM scene. They were asked by Infected Mushrooms to do a remix of their original track ‘I Shine‘.  It uses the original vocals, but the two put their “sublime electro” feel to it and created an almost brand new track.

We applaud creativity and originality here at Rager Onions – and this EP dominates both.


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