Drum & Bass Liberation – Freefall VIP by Metrik [Happy]


Tom Mundell aka Metrik has been producing electronic dance music for quite some time now. Since 2007, Tommy Boy has been laying down some of the best Drum and Bass in the biz. Six years may not seem like the longest career. However, when comparing his experience level to many other big names in the game right now, it basically grants him a veteran status.

Unfortunately, Metrik has been flying under the radar so to speak in terms of mainstream popularity. Call that a good thing, call it a bad thing, call it what you will. All we know is that more people need to hear his beats. If you haven’t heard of, or ever listened to Mr. Mundell, now is a great time to start.

His latest release titled ‘Freefall VIP’ takes the listener on a journey that mimics a feeling of liberation. The luring and entrancing vocals of Reija Lee taught us here at Rager Onions to love again. Well, it wasn’t exactly that epiphonic but dagnabbit they certainly feel great. Now throw Metrik’s uplifting and and whimsical drum and bass composition into the mix. It all adds up to one fantastic production from this UK based producer who is now signed exclusively to Hospital Records.

Set yourself free.

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