Deadmau5 Trolls EDM; Releases Beatport Top 10 Spoof


Over the past few weeks, Deadmau5 has managed to stir up controversy after controversy, from publicly ending his relationship with Kat Von D to debating Afrojack over Twitter about the lack of creativity in the current EDM scene. It seems the Joel is capable of just about anything these days, except producing quality music for his fleeting fanbase.

Needless to say, the mau5head is slowly losing his touch and possibly his mind; becoming more of a mockery than the iconic figure that once represented a cultural phenomenon.

New rule- Before entering the studio, leave all baggage at the door.

Come back to us Joel, we won’t be waiting much longer…

5 comments on “Deadmau5 Trolls EDM; Releases Beatport Top 10 Spoof

  1. see the 3 recent chillout uploads to his soundcloud page. Best music I’ve heard from him in ages.

  2. Meafy says:

    ^^ True, he is working on his own stuff, it just seems trolling the edm scene gets more attention. Since he just finished up a contact with Ultra, we can expect some new stuff pretty soon like “Suckfest 9001”

  3. There are several songs (not even a week old) and you pick the 40 second one? Joel, feel free to add several more people to your F-off list and continue to explore! I like this one:

  4. Anonymous says:

    Deadmau5 trolled but he trolled well. Deadmau5’s recent uploads on his soundcloud are very good.

  5. ex-mau5head says:

    Pretty sad news tbh. Used to look up to him a lot back in his “prime” days, now I feel like he’s just blowing everything out of context and trying to be “funny” by trolling people (which gets old super fast). I guess it’s his way of dealing with mental breakdowns in his life.


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