The King of Pop is Back! ‘Beat It’ – Michael Jackson (Mutrix Remix) [FREE DL]

Well, it’s Monday again. A day commonly known for the start of yet another work week, snooze buttons, and lots of coffee.

The crew at Rager Onions hates Mondays just as much as the rest of you, however, we do enjoy helping you get through the work day with some solid music. This Monday, we’re bringing back the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson, with his legendary song ‘Beat it’ remixed by Cincinnati native James Ruehlmann.

AKA Mutrix, James brings his dubstep/electronic hardcore style to the remix while remaining true to the original as to not overshadow MJ’s childishly infectious, high pitched vocals.  Filled with many different melodic elements, classic dubstep breaks, and MJ’s “hoo-hoo’s”, this next track will leave you with the feeling that maybe you should hit that play button just one more time…

Enjoy, and hang in there today Ragers!


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