Sound Remedy – Chiaroscuro [FREE] [Synthesizer Bliss]

Just when we thought that EDM stagnancy was an inevitability, one artist single hand-handedly put our worst fears to rest with the release of his new jam, Chiaroscuro. In Italian, chiaroscuro translates to “the use of strong contrasts between light and dark” in art, using bold juxtapositions to affect the entirety of the composition. A quick listen to any track from this uprooted Chicago native will prove that he uses this technique quite often.

Besides being a guru of vocabulary, Sound Remedy also dabbles in production. Flawless production at that. His synthesizer chord progressions again are simply unmatched in terms of vividness and scope. The man knows how to make you feel. Sound Remedy, unlike many other artists, is a slave to song structure. And this is definitely NOT a bad thing. Without using any words or vocals, this L.A. based producer can create a story with his productions. Each song takes you on a journey through a world of particular sounds or moods and his new song is no exception.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that we are simply captivated by anything this producers sets his creative hands and mind to. For instance, did you know that he will be releasing a collaboration with another Rager favorite, Kill Pars? No? Well you better start getting all jacked up for that. Until then, we bring you THIS.


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