So Damn Chill It Hurts: Bon Iver – Babys (Urban Contact’s Summer Soul Remix) [Free DL]


Please note:

This song is only meant to be heard under the summer sun, umbrella drink in hand without a care in the world. If you are at work, do not press play. Unless you plan to quit whatever you are doing, throw on those vintage trunks/one piece and hit the beach, I would save this one for a very chill occasion.

Austrian electronic producers Urban Contact have released their latest gem, a summer soul remix of Bon Iver’s ‘Babys’. This is a new musical frontier for the duo out of Vienna, but their professional production style proves once again that crossing over genres can be accomplished through hard work and creativity. In early 2013, Urban Contact signed their electro-based track ‘Starburst’ on Warner Music Germany and Tasty Records which got into the Beatport Top 100 releases in three different genres.

Check out the link below and download it for free. And like Urban Contact on Facebook and Twitter. It’s the least you could do…


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One comment on “So Damn Chill It Hurts: Bon Iver – Babys (Urban Contact’s Summer Soul Remix) [Free DL]

  1. […] hearing their remix to Bon Iver’s ‘Babys’, we immediately placed Urban Contact near the top of our artists to watch list in 2013. Their […]


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