Krewella – Live For The Night [Happy] [Electro House]


The Rain Man aka Kris Trindl was serious when he reminded listeners that the trio known as Krewella did not want to be “pigeon-holed” into a strictly dub-step style sound categorization. If you thought that dub was what they produced best, think again.

Get ready for the latest electro-house single titled ‘Live For The Night’ from this holy trinity of Chicago based EDM producers. To begin, as always, the vocals from the Yousaf twins are blissful. But then again, auto-tune would transform the sound of getting mauled by a bear into something auricularly enchanting. However, if you’re looking for an infectious beat, look no further.

This song is poppy, fun and probably going to be over-played. Oh well, at least you can say you heard it first.

One comment on “Krewella – Live For The Night [Happy] [Electro House]

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