Pretty Lights Previews Summer Album, Set to Release 7/2/2013 (TOMORROW)

Pretty Lights has given the world an hour long preview of his newest album up now on his SoundCloud account. The new album, titled A Color Map of the Sun, is set to be released tomorrow on 8 Minutes and 20 Seconds Records.

This is the first album that Derek composed on his own from originally produced samples pressed onto vinyls and then mixed using modular synthesis. When asked about the decision to produce such an intricate and complex type of musical composition, Smith replied: “I was trying to think of something that would be a massive challenge for myself and just a really cool project. I wanted to also prove to myself I could do it.”

A Color Map of the Sun will represent the first physical product released at the same time as the digital copy, both double vinyl and CD versions. The second disc of the CD also features 13 live studio recordings of the new music produced on the album, as well as a documentary also being released tomorrow.

Make sure to check back in to Rager Onions tomorrow for the official release of his new EP.

Who knows, we could have a new summer anthem(s) on our hands.


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