Boys Noize ‘Go Hard’ EP [Acid Disco House]

The latest and greatest from Alexander Ridha aka Boys Noize precipitates in the form of his brand new EP Go Hard.

Prepare to enter a world full of acid and disco-house that truly goes HARD.

In 2012, Rolling Stone rated Alex amongst the top 10 “DJ’s who rule the earth.” So he’s got that going for him. Which is nice. Lately, his collaboration with Skrillex known as Dog Blood has been some of the most highly anticipated music in the EDM scene. This time however, he’s going in alone.

If your ready to rage then look no further. The fresh release from German sensation Boys Noize is top quality. Pray to God your favorite Club DJ takes requests, cause these jams go best with the lights low and the lasers beaming. Perchance with a dance partner?


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