Sydney Blu – Nightlight (Party Ghost Remix) [Ghost House] [FREE]

Chris Mehrtash aka the Party Ghost has continually impressed the Rager Onions crew with his high quality productions, originality, and inventiveness. He also possesses a certain quality that only the great artists have. That is, the ability to make whatever style your producing sound authentic. And by ‘authentic’, we mean just plain good.

His latest remix of Sydney Blu’s ‘Nightlight’ is a true testament to what we have stated above. Instead of following in the footsteps of a typical and sometimes repetitive EDM song progression, Chris has developed a song where no two parts sound the same. Each chorus bears a unique build and each drop delivers something fresh to the mix. It’s almost like you could slap a different genre label on each section.

Call it what you want.

We’ll call it ‘Ghost House’.

(Also check out his other remix of the smash hit from Capital Cities, ‘Safe and Sound’. But only if you have enough time. We know how you Americans like your time. Typical.)

Aaaaaaand while your at it. Just listen to this dammit. “Cause if the party is dead, we can bring it back to life!”


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