(OUT NOW) Avicii Releases Folk-Infused Single ‘Wake Me Up’ (Extended Mix) (HAPPY)

Two months ago, Avicii released a one hour compilation mix as a response to the harsh criticism of his set at Ultra Music Festival. Critics claimed that he had lost his touch and that his once world renowned style had faded into the distance as just another fad in mainstream music. In order to restore the faith, the famous and now somewhat infamous Swedish producer decided that the people needed to hear a sample of what was to come in the upcoming year for Avicii.

Two million views later, I think it is safe to say that he proved his point….

And on that note, Avicii Official’s SoundCloud has finally released a full version of one of the unknown hit singles from the mix. Let us be the first to introduce the next hit of the summer season, Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’.

Spotify: smarturl.it/aviciiwakemeup
Itunes: smarturl.it/wakemeup


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