The Bloody Beetroots feat. Paul McCartney and Youth – Out of Sight (Original Mix)

It’s finally here!

Rock legend Paul McCartney has teamed up with Youth and electronic sensation The Bloody Beetroots to create a collaborative piece for the ages.

‘Out of Sight’ opens with the echoes of children frolicking about as a squealing guitar riff sets the mood for Sir Bob’s vibrant arena sound and gigantic kicks. This is definitely unlike anything we have heard before. Try not to get too cozy because, soon enough, the song breaks again. This time it’s Paul’s growling and passionate vocals matched with a calming piano melody and trippy, Pink Floyd-esque background disturbances.

The song does an excellent job of shifting motifs with a grace that only Mr. McCartney could provide.

To be honest, the more we listen to this, the more we like it. The song changes moods so effortlessly. From the dark and epic electronic pieces provided by The Bloody Beetroots to the haunting harmonies provided by Youth, this jam is nothing but a change of pace in the electronic music scene. Paul McCartney has instantly become the coolest grandpa in the game.

And believe us, we know some pretty cool grandpas.


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