Local Artist Spotlight: Enoptix [Spring Awakening Music Festival Coverage]

spring-awakening-festival-2013-fullName: Enoptix (Marty McKenna)
Origin: Chicago, Illinois (represent)
Influences: Noisia
Label: Rage Face Records
Genres: Bass Music
SAMF Info: Sunday | 1:30 – 2:30 | Da Colonnades Stage 4

There’s no question Chicago is pumping out some mighty fine electronic music artists.

The question is: are they from Chicago, Idaho? Then of course the real question becomes: is there even a Chicago, Idaho?  I don’t know. And frankly, it’s too close to the weekend to continue this investigation.

Because what I do know is that Enoptix is from Chicago. His real name is Marty McKenna. He makes killer beats. And he’ll be playing at Spring Awakening Music Festival this weekend.

A master of digital sound synthesis, his musical influences range across the spectrum. While he focuses on all types of bass music, all of his tracks have one thing in common: they sound just like Enoptix. Unique production qualities are obviously crucial in this day and age, and it’s clear Marty is on the right path. As if he wasn’t already.

This talented Chicagoan is one of creators behind Rage Face Records, which is fueled by two sets of brothers – Graham & Ian Squires and Marty & Mike McKenna. You might recognize Ian, aka the Robot Dentist, from his set with Enoptix on Da Main Stage at Spring Awakening last year.

“Robot Dentist is more melodic and I’m more technical. We won the DJ Contest last year, so we got a spot on the main stage. I’ve been a huge Bears fan my whole life, so playing next to one of my best friends in Soldier Field was unbelievable.”

Through aggressive collaboration, Rage Face Records has become one versatile bunch. “There’s other ways to make money off your music now. And we’re not even in it for the money. We just want to discover awesome new music.” Although clearly in it for all the right reasons, the crew can still do it all: producing, djing, creating physical or digital art, freestyling, blogging, marketing, networking, video production, or recording (publicly we’re not allowed to officially endorse their blogging skills, our lawyer is a real knob job).

This is a set you won’t want to miss this weekend. And if you’re visitor to Chicago this weekend, take some advice from a local (I’m talking about Enoptix):

“Chicago is such a great city. There’s so many cool little hidden spots all over. Explore it, it’s an incredible city. There’s so much to discover.”


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