Funky Glitch Complextro – Swirls (VIP) by Minoru [FUNKY] [HAPPY]

Who would have thought a glitch could sound so good?

This versatile producer out of Saarbrücken, Germany creates a unique and rather funky style by effortlessly combining complex glitch-hop elements with good old fashion bass music. No matter how you classify this hybrid banger, it will prove to be a great jam in any regard.

According to the artist’s Facebook page, Minoru’s interests include “Chicks ‘n Booze.” Well, fair enough. That doesn’t tell us a whole lot, besides the fact that Minoru enjoys the occasional spirit and is either a man, or a lesbian. Maybe we should just check the bio. Hmmm, it says here that “cool kids like Minoru.”

Well, we are cool kids and we like Minoru. Are you a cool kid?


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