Meet Your Master: DJ Jayceeoh Wins SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix

Versatile would be a good way to describe DJ Jayceeoh. Or you could refer to him the same way he refers to himself:  a DJ’s DJ. Heck, call him Frank for all we care. But from now on, this spin daddy from Cali owns one more title that you don’t: SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix. 

“I’ve worked towards this moment my whole life, it means so much to me. But it took a lot of hard work to get here.” 

Festival or club, black or white, raging or intimate – Jayceeoh translates his superb turntable skills into one hell of an experience for any crowd. Because once you give him a set and a mic, the audience belongs to Jayceeoh.

After perfecting his art for 16 years, this LA native possesses the ability to spin any kind of genre into his set. Whether it’s hip-hop, electro, dubstep, disco, rock, funk, soul, Skittles, or even raggae – Jayceeohh will find a way for you to get down. Or up?

Jayceeoh attended Taylor Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh. And you’re supposed to give a shit, 2013_5_14_Jayceeoh__MG_7216 1because this also happens to be the same learning establishment that graduated rap phenomenons Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. Early in his career, DJ Jayceeoh was privileged enough to even work with one of hip-hop’s legends, Talib Kweli. On top of placing first place nationally at the McDonalds Flavor Battle Finals in January 2011, DJ Jayceeoh was selected by Sony/RCA Records recording artist Sammy Adams to be the official DJ on his tour. He is the creator of the Super 7 Mixtape Series which has has been critically acclaimed for its seamless transitions between DJ eras.

The International Party Rocker (as coined by the show’s host Amanda Seales) – is all about stage presence. If your lingo is popping, you could call it swagger.

In the final competition, Jayceeoh took advantage of his ability to control the lighting & visual aspects of his performance. Right off the bat, Jayceeoh put in a request for some real “explosives” (CO2 blasts). He was the only DJ that provided props for the audience (glowsticks). With a meticulous attention to detail, it was obvious he’s become fluent in creating an experience for his audience. After all, the challenge was to “craft your perfect show.”

The final challenge was a heated battle between Jayceeoh, Chris Karns, and Incrediboi. Although Jayceeoh expressed to me his confidence from the start, he knows that out-performing those two DJs was no easy task.

“Chris is beyond talented, and we became really good friends over the course of the show. All the remaining DJs just respected each other – every person has their own unique tone and style.  DJ Incrediboi impressed me right off the bat. By the final three – I knew the competition could go three different ways.”

Jayceeoh’s song selection in the final set was poised and powerful – opening with Antidote by Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party’s. The crowd really went nuts on the next drop, when Jayceeoh threw Flux Pavilion in the mix (an artist that Jayceeoh is personally fond of). Finishing off the show with Lost In Space by Deadmau5 & Avicii’s everlasting Levels…it became quite obvious why he won.

For the judges, it was a mix of his two-handed scratching, smack-talking, high-energy, and live looping/sampling. In english: he delivered the whole package. On top of a $250,000 prize package, Jayceeoh will also become SMIRNOFF’s official DJ for the year to come.

“Winning the producer remix challenge  really opened my eyes to the potential ahead. Im working on a lot of new things and have a lot of things in the works. This whole experience was unbelievable, and it gave me the boost I needed to finally take this to the next level.” 

Want to keep up with DJ Jayceeoh? Follow him on Twitter, but more importantly – listen to the tracks below. And check out his Soundcloud


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