Remember The Name: EH!DE – A Trifecta of Remixes [Heavy]

We really don’t have a lot to go on here.

All we truly know is that EH!DE (pronounced Ehide) produces music out of Seville, Spain. With little to no information on the artist’s Facebook, Soundcloud or Beatport page, it was kind of tough to write this post. After several fruitless Google searches, we decided that we simply wanted to share the songs with you regardless.

EH!DE has done a terrific job of remixing some absolutely giant jams. We are always skeptical when listening to remixes of our favorite original tracks, but this Spanish producer has done no disservice to these songs’ integrity. On the remix of ‘Razor Sharp’, the re-vamped, scaling synthesizer that leads into the drop contracts magically with the dirtyness that ensues after the break. This producers’ combination of glitch hop, dubstep and drumstep is executed masterfully in these 3 remixes.

Give them a listen and perhaps show EH!DE some love with a quick follow on SoundCloud.


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