Audien Strikes Again: ‘Iris’ [HAPPY] [ANJUNABEATS]


Just minutes ago, Anjunabeats released the first full version of Audien‘s newest track ‘Iris’ on Youtube. His sound is transcendent, an identifiable nuance that mystifies audiences across the country regardless of age, race, or gender. Artists like this do not come around often, and to be witnesses to such a rapidly transgressing career cannot be described in words; but only felt through the power of one of his live shows.

A hard work ethic, creativity, and loving what you do inside and out. That’s what it takes truly make it in this business, and Audien has done that in what seems like an instance.

Keep it up Nate, we’ll be listening.

One comment on “Audien Strikes Again: ‘Iris’ [HAPPY] [ANJUNABEATS]

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