Zeds Dead – Altered States EP [A Spectrum of Emotion][Weird Heavy]

Zeds Dead is kicking off the announcement of their forthcoming tour with a bang.

This tandem of Canadian grime-masters are serving up a new sound to their listeners, along with a taste of the other artists accompanying them on The Altered States Tour. It would seem that Zeds Dead is in full creative control for this tour, bringing along artists they have hand selected. According to DC and Hooks’ Facebook page, this grueling 35-show tour celebrates the fact that music has the power to make us experience an entire spectrum of emotions – and possesses the ability to alter our perceptions.

The given lineup is meant to ALTER one’s STATE of consciousness throughout the night. Those chosen to support the duo include: Paper Diamond, DJ Green Lantern and Branchez. We think this whole thing sounds pretty dope.

You in?


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