SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix Episode 10: ‘The Master of Your Mix’ [3 Way DJ Showdown]


Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that moment you have all been waiting for: the final episode of SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix. With 3 contestants remaining in the competition, only one DJ can emerge on top with the $250,000 prize and the glory of being dubbed ‘Master of the Mix’.

It started with thousands of DJ’s across the country but tonight, only 3 remain. We have: “The Battle Champion” aka DJ Chris Karns, “The International Party Rocker” aka DJ Jayceeoh, and finally “The Breakout Star” aka DJ Incrediboi. Throughout the extent of the program, these disc jockeys have proven time and time again that they deserve to be in the final round.

The stage had been set for the final challenge titled The Master of Your Mix. Each contestant was given 10 hours to craft their very own “perfect show” with the ability to pick and choose their set-list, lighting schematics, and set design. The DJ’s were also granted the opportunity to use other instruments outside of their turn tables as a way to win over the crowd’s support. With the help of a few professional art, lighting, and plasma directors, the remaining participants were asked to put on the show of a lifetime.

While creating their set-lists, each DJ left the studio intermittently to meet with the set designers. It was at this moment when the viewer was granted a real glimpse into how experienced each DJ was in putting on their own unique concert. It seemed that Jayceeoh and Chris Karns knew exactly what to do in this situation, mapping out the set design to flow perfectly with the tone and style of the songs they had chosen. The least experienced of the three however, Incrediboi, had chosen to take a minimalist approach to his set. He had claimed the show wasn’t about the bells and whistles that come along with putting on a concert, but that it was just about the music. Would this prove to be a fatal error for DJ Incrediboi? Well, you are about to find out…

To kick of the night’s festivities, one of the show’s judges, DJ Kid Capri, played a live set to show how it should be done. However, in this blogger’s opinion, all three contestants out-shined the experienced DJ and put on one hell of a show.

Chris Karns was the first DJ to thrown down. He opened his set with one of our favorite dubstep anthems ‘Bass Cannon’ by Flux Pavilion. He proceeded to win over the crowd’s support with aptly chosen songs and flawless transitions between genres. A true highlight of his set had to be when he whipped out his drum machine and replicated his very own version of ‘Bulls on Parade’ by Rage Against the Machine. It gave us goosebumps.

Next to the stage was DJ Incrediboi. This latin-vibed, angler of the LP had one of the most unique set-lists of the night. Touching on every genre possible, Incrediboi dropped jams that even the judges had never heard before. Personally, we loved his use of ‘Dont You Worry Child’ by production masterminds Swedish House Mafia. Unfortunately, his decision to forgo the help of the set designers came back to haunt him. The crowd and the judges themselves were quite aware of this. They were rather upset with his decision to take a minimalist approach.

After an intermission that included a set from another one of the show’s judges, DJ Mia Moretti, DJ Jayceeoh was ready to take the stage. This man certainly knows how to put on a show, and he took full advantage of the opportunity to craft his own set. In our opinion, this was the best set of the three. He kept the Flux Pavilion theme going with his incredible use of the song ‘I Can’t Stop’. It was nice to see the DJ’s relying heavily on EDM to get the crowd going. His two handed scratches, song selection, live looping, live sampling and even his smack talking won over the judges support.

After it was all said and done, the judges decided that DJ Jayceeoh had put on the best set. He was now crowned with the title of SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix! His prize package included $250,000 in cash, a 1 year contract as Smirnoff’s official DJ, a customized “Pimp My Turntables”, a Rane 62 mixer, and a feature role on the forthcoming album from Just Blaze. It has been a wild ride this year on Smirnoff’s Master of the Mix and we had a fantastic time watching the show and supporting all the DJ’s. Although we were sad to see our girl Tina T go so early, we were truly happy to see a winner that was worthy of his prize.

Congratulations to DJ Jayceeoh. You killed it brother.

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