Dada Life – Boing Clash Boom (Pierce Fulton Remix)[BANGER IN THE MOUTH]

Good morning my fellow Onionites. It’s a beautiful Monday morning, at least here in Chicago. The birds are chirping womps and wobbles, and Mr. Sunshine has graced us with his bright and shining light. But enough Mr. Rogers talk (RIP), let’s get down to business. It’s the start of a great week of music, and we cannot wait to share some of the new summer anthems that will be rocking barbecues from coast to coast.

First off is a giant remix from our favorite east coast bro Pierce Fulton. His latest release remixes Dada Lifes’ ‘Boing Clash Boom’ and it is safe to say that Pierces’ version hits far harder than the original. This version seems more fitting to the title since each drop divides the composition into three separate verses, creating the trinity of Boing, Clash, and Boom.

Although if we had to choose, we’d take the boom.


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