Everybody Needs Rusko Love – Lift Me Up [OWSLA][HEAVY]

It’s about that time again. We know Christopher William Mercer is a busy man. But hey – Rusko has got to please his millions of insatiable fans.

We here at Rager Onions needed some love from our favorite transposed artist, hailing from Leeds and now producing his killer beats out of Los Angeles.

In our opinion, Rusko’s name would be mentioned among the latest and greatest EDM studs in the game. His loud, in-your-face style of music has been captivating dance floors across the world, while also testing the structural viability of every club he plays in. We saw Chris on New Years Eve in Chicago a few years back and let us tell you, it was nothing but incredible. They actually filmed the music video for his jam ‘Somebody To Love‘ that night. Go ahead and check that out while you’re at it, hilarious.

His latest release ‘Lift Me Up‘ is a Drum and Bass lovers dream. The vocals on Rusko’s latest single from The Mothership (aka OWSLA) are chopped and re-arranged perfectly while still managing to sound hauntingly elegant when left intact.

Hope you brought your crazy pills. You’re gonna need ’em. The track will be up for grabs July 2nd.

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