Head Bobbers Anonymous: Stephen Walking – ‘Short Shorts’ (Monstercat)

Apparently Stephen Walking talks the talk and walks the walk. No, scratch that. He struts the strut, in his ‘Short Shorts’.

And ooooowee does he look good! Calm yourselves ladies. And gentlemen. He’s taken! (We have no idea if he is taken, single, or asexual. And if you do know, you better be dating him. Or related. But not both. Because that would make you weird.) Enough jibber jabber!

Just scroll to 1:35 and start bobbing that petty head of yours. Yes we know that is missing an ‘r’, if your head was pretty we would have called it that.

There are two things I love about today:

A. It’s Friday.
B. It’s Payday.

Unless you’re unemployed, and in that case get your life together. While listening to Stephen Walking. In your short shorts.


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