SMIRNOFF’s Master Of The Mix: Episode 9 Recap [And One Sick Dubstep Remix]

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this week’s episode of SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix, it’s that DJ Loczi is a name to remember. After all, you know what we’re really about around these parts. Our true love is EDM, so it makes sense why we loved DJ Loczi. He was the first DJ in the show that really caught our attention (other than DJ Tina T of course), which made us even sadder to see him go.

This week, the DJ’s were faced with the challenge of remixing a song from Estelle, titled ‘Do My Thing’. Judge Amanda Seals awaited them at a recording studio that was owned by legendary raggae group, Inner Circle. They were faced with the task of remixing the track and making it into a new piece of music, all while keeping the integrity of Estelle’s work.

Sounds simple, right?

Considering his adeptness in production, this was Loczi’s competition to win. DJ Jayceeoh went first, and won the competition outright. DJ Incrediboi had a dynamic spin to the track as well, but many of the judges felt like his performance fell flat. Chris Karns had a super-creative, drum and bass remix that was a little soft in our opinions. But, it left Estelle speechless.

In our opinion, Loczi shouldn’t have been eliminated. But that’s why we’re not judges. Or vegetarians. Because Loczi made one crucial error that cost him the victory, and he knew it too: he never touched the turntable. The DJs were required to bring their remix to life on stage, and (technically), our boy failed to do that.

We were officially all in on DJ Loczi after last week, and he proved big things with his dubstep remix of Estelle’s song. But his timidness on the turntable got his record scratched, and it was happy trails for the happy-go-lucky DJ.

The Final Battle

DO NOT miss the finale of SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix, as the Final 3 square off for a grand prize of $250,000. But this week, we have a winner of our own.

So please give a warm round of applause for DJ Loczi.


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