Empire of the Awesome: ‘Alive’ Remixes From Zedd, David Guetta & Mat Zo [HAPPY]

Some of the brightest stars in EDM have shined their creative light onto the most recent single from the dreamy, electro-pop duo known as Empire of the Sun.

It would appear as if their single titled ‘Alive’ has stirred some inspiration into a few of our favorite producers. Subsequent to the release of Zedds remix teaser, the king of EDM himself, David Guetta, has followed suit with his own take on the increasingly popular track. In addition, up-and-coming producer Mat Zo has offered up his version of the remix as well.

There is much to be said about an original track that earns remixes from such colossal names. To begin, the fact that these producers chose to work with the song grants us insight into how talented the original artist truly is. It also gives the listener a chance to understand what kind of sounds or styles the artists themselves draw from. The sheer difference in the sound of each remix leads us to believe that the adaptability of Empire of the Sun’s single is yet another reason why some of EDM’s biggest names hopped on board for this remix.

Give all of them a listen and be sure to watch for the full remix EP, which is set to drop May 28th. If you like these jams, then you are sure to like the original. ‘Alive‘ is the single from their forthcoming album Ice on the Dune, which will be released in June. No rhymes were intended in the making of this post.

And of course, the original.


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