So Dark, Yet So Beautiful: Flinch – ‘You Don’t Know’ ft. Ellie Goulding [Melodic Dubstep]

Veteran Los Angeles based producer Flinch has teamed up with Ellie Goulding on his latest release ‘You Don’t Know’ out now on his Soundcloud.

While the artist known as Adam Glassco started his career producing drum and bass, his progression into electro and melodic dubstep provided a solid musical foundation for EDM production. The combination of shredding baselines and elegant melodies define Flinch as a true innovator in a somewhat repetitive and dull sub-genre. It’s a refreshing taste of the endless possibilities in an increasingly digital age of music, and the boundaries are endless for talented and creative musicians like Flinch. His arsenal of music contains UK funky, club, moombahton, techno, garage, and dubstep, meaning his live sets are diverse as they are original.

Check out his latest hit single below, as well as our personal favorite, ‘World On Fire’. Picture the theme song of the Apocalypse.

Yea, it’s that dark.


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