Keep Your Fans Happy 101: More from MUST DIE! [Heavy][Funky][ATL Dub]

These days, being a fan of MUST DIE! has its benefits. And since we consider him a friend, you could say Rager Onions and MUST DIE are friends with benefits. Get over it.

Yesterday, our boy from Atlanta released three brand-new tracks onto his SoundCloud. With each track being completely different from the next, Lee Austin Bates has continued to impress us. His eclectic and high-quality productions, as well as his newly acquired, Savant-style agenda has affirmed his position among artists to watch out for in 2013. MUST DIE’s remix of Candyland’s ‘Get Wild’ is strictly for those who like to get down with the grime.

Natasha’s Lullaby‘ on the other hand, was a track written for Lee’s “special woman” – as she was falling asleep one evening. Aw, how cute. And how very chill.

The final track titled ‘Coffee Shop Dub‘ is a bit funkier than the rest. As advertised, the dialed down BPM makes the exacerbation of the wobble incredible on the ears. Have mercy.

Ladies and gentleman, throw em’ up for MUST DIE!


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