We Love (Music That Sounds Like It’s From) the 80’s: Insan3Lik3 – Rescue Me (feat. Jonny Rose) [Nu Disco]

If you’re down with the newly-released EP from Jesus Christ  Daft Punk, then you’ll be a big advocate of this track. Or maybe you’ll just like it. Or maybe you’ll Like us on Facebook instead. We can’t predict these kind of things, we can only hope they’ll happen.

Like if we were stuck in the middle of a forest – we’d hope Jimmy John’s can reach us before sunset so we have food to get through the night. If the chain on our mountain bike broke on the way to school, we hoped a friend would walk their bike alongside us – rescuing us from sheer humiliation. And if you’re ever in dire need of a feel good track, you can only hope for a funky remedy.

Well, here’s Jonny Rose. And he’s here to rescue you. Stemming from the lovely Milwaukee, Rose teamed up with Insan3Lik3 on this massively groovy nu-disco single. At the age of 17, the Swiss producer known as Insan3Lik3 could be another huge addition to one of our favorite labels in the game right now – Monstercat.

(Side note: With 80’s written all over it, it’s obvious this needs to be the soundtrack for Driven, the sequel to Drive – this particular Rager’s favorite movie of all-time)

Fresh off his hit ‘Stars’ (prod. by Vicetone), Jonny Rose adds another anthem to his resume with this one. It’s a smooth hymn with the perfect balance of raw, bittersweet vocals and a vibrant, 80’s dance backdrop.

So the next time you’re standing at the 7-Eleven, and the hobo in front of you realizes he’s a dollar short of getting that pint of Popov, put yourself in his loafers and ask – who’s gonna rescue me?


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