Varien & Razihel – Toothless Hawkins (And His Robot Jazz Band) [EDM Jazz]

If EDM existed during the Prohibition, I have a sneaky feeling that this song would be the ‘speakeasy’ anthem.

What a refreshing take on a lost generation of music. Varien and Razihel decided to do more than just collaborate on a song together. The boys did their research with this one, infusing futuristic electronic with swinging, early 20th century jazz. The introductory prelude transforms the listener into a world filled with fedoras and moonshine. The drop brings you right back to the land of spectacular light shows, tanked out bros, mini skirts and candied arms, ray bans and wookie masks.

You know, that PLUR shit. Or YOLO for those looking to only live once. Let us be the first to introduce, ‘Toothless Hawkins (And His Robot Jazz Band)’.

And let’s see those jazz hands, baby.


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