Cookie Monsta and Flux Pavilion – Come Find Me (Full Track) [Heavy]


Talk about a drop. Jesus Christ.




They all would have been proud.

After previewing this track in his Diplo, Flux and Friends Mix 2013, Flux Pavilion has released the full version of his newest release, ‘Come Find Me’ with Cookie Monsta. Their new collaboration was also presented on Circus Two by Cookie Monsta and FuntCase which is out now on Circus Records. The album features 25 tracks including music from Flux and Cookie, FuntCase, Roksonix, Brown and Gammon, Mizuki and The McMash Clan to name a few. Check out the new hit single as well as the ful 9 minute mini mix below.

One comment on “Cookie Monsta and Flux Pavilion – Come Find Me (Full Track) [Heavy]

  1. […] was his influence.  Because if you’ve heard his new collaboration with Cookie Monsta,  ‘Come Find Me’ , you might hear why the graphics make sense. Or maybe it’s just me. But the sound you hear […]


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