SMIRNOFF’s Master Of The Mix Episode 7: ‘Invent Or Get Sent’ – A Final Farewell To Our Girl Tina T [EDM]

In a rather controversial decision, Tina T was given a second chance at life during last night’s episode of SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix. According to host Amanda Seales, the judges had an extremely difficult time last week deciding which pair of DJ’s would get the boot. They believe that their final consensus was unfair to Tina because Brian Dawe was actually the one who lost the challenge for the pair. The judges felt as if Tina T was not given a true opportunity to contribute to the group because she was not scratching or spinning on the turn tables herself.

Our favorite female DJ from L.A. was back on the scene, much to the chagrin of the remaining contestants. Since only 6 participants can move onto the elimination challenge, Tina T was forced to battle a fellow combatant for a chance to remain in the mix. Our girl Tina set her sights on DJ Fly Guy. The challenge: each contestant was given 90 seconds to “beat juggle” and scratch the same 5 songs.

Unfortunately Tina T’s second coming was in vain. The judge for this mini competition, Ben Maddahi, said that Tina lost points due to the fact that she only used 1 of the 5 songs available during the ninety seconds. DJ Fly Guy did manage to use all 5 songs however, his set was a lot more sloppy than Tina’s. In the end, our girl Tina T was sent home permanently and eliminated from SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix.

The remaining participants were now set to dive head first into the elimination challenge for the evening, titled ‘Invent Or Get Sent.’ The goal of the competition was to show the judges how inventive each DJ could be with the turn tables, using any and all possible DJ tools. This could come in the form of using Serato cue points to make a new piece of music, scratch drumming, or other inventive DJ tricks. When it all boiled down, the judges wanted to see who could truly transform their turn tables into a live instrument.

The judges indeed had a fun time with this last elimination challenge. They were smiling, standing and dancing during many of the sets. One DJ that did not make them groove however, was DJ Fly Guy, the least experienced in turntablism and cue point techniques. He, much like our girl Tina T, was forced to leave the competition this week due to elimination.

Both Chris Karns and DJ Dynamix shined during this weeks set. We here at Rager nearly jumped out of our seats when DJ Dynamix dropped one of our favorite EDM jams, ‘Rattle’, by the Bingo Players. With each DJ in the mix stepping up their game, we are excited to see the remainder of these turn table showdowns.

Tune in next Monday at 12:00 AM EST on VH1 for the next episode.


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