Vonikk & Electrode – Submarine (Original Mix) [HAPPY][FREE DL]

Electrode and Vonikk have joined forces once again to tag-team another excellent electronic production. Their latest release ‘Submarine‘ takes you on an underwater electronic odyssey, with two bad-ass producers as your co-pilots.

The songs opens with some funky percussion that builds up to an insanely uplifting and melodic progression. As the production duo pushes forward they continue to elegantly change the pace of the track – while still maintaining their signature synth wizardry. You may want to buckle up as we arrive at the next destination on our eclectic aquatic voyage.

The siren-like build should give you plenty of warning. When it drops, David and Zac pour on electronic sounds that coagulate into one hell of an artfully layered and complex beat. We are particularly fond of the guitar solo that follows the first drop (not too many songs like this have guitar sections).


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