His Best Release Yet: Protohype – ‘Fly’ ft. Alina Renae [MELODIC DUBSTEP]

Catchy vocals and melodic dubstep always equate to an A+ in our book. Or calculator. Do books calculate?

Protohype claimed it to be his favorite release yet, so you know it’s going to be good.

With his latest release, Protohype has provided us with a two minute clip of his latest song ‘Fly’, featuring the beautiful voice of Alina Renae. The beginning synth grabs your attention with its vibrancy and flowing synchronization with Alinas’ voice. The growling drop and side-chain compression all coincides to make one hell of a break. His sounds are always crisp and clean with no clipping in sight, a skill that speaks for itself in his music.

It may only be two minutes, but that’s what Protohype is known for: leaving you wanting more. Enjoy this short snippet of mastery from one of dubsteps’ biggest and baddest young-eons. And don’t forget to follow Protohype on Facebook and Twitter (below). He is quite the character.




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