Dubstep Chocolate: Hirshee – Spark the Flare [HEAVY][Reggae-Step]

We know what you’re thinking. And yes, these are the very same lyrics from Zomboy’s smash hit ‘Nuclear (Hands Up).’ We just can’t get enough of that funky Reggae-Step.

It’s addicting!

As we stated on our post for Scorpion Skeleton’s ‘Eclipse‘, we search far and wide for this stuff. There is definitely a shortage of this sub-genre in the EDM scene. But luckily our friend Hirshee has come to save the day with his new track titled ‘Spark the Flare.’ Zomboy only gave us a taste of these lyrics on his track, our Canadian friend Amaan Hirshee gives us a bit more.

Amaan was raised in one of Canada’s most diverse cities, Vancouver BC. According to his Facebook, this is where his unbiased music taste developed. He enjoys numerous styles and genres all of which are reflected on his original productions. His music is said to take you on a journey “through detailed ebbs and flows of synth leads and potent bass.” There is definitely no shortage of bass on his forthcoming release ‘Spark the Flare.’ The song, which will be included on his new EP, will drop May 2oth via Play Me Records.

Get your freak on, we want to see your hands in the air for this one.


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