Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones -Things Can Only Get Better (Radio Edit) [HAPPY][SUMMER HIT!]

We hope you’ve got your toaster handy because this summer jam tastes delicious. And by tastes delicious we mean sounds delicious. Whoa, what if you could taste music bro? Trippyyyyyyy. Anyways, Cedric Gervais – fresh off the release of his already epic remix of  ‘Summertime Sadness’ – has nailed it again.

This time he’s changing the mood, and giving you something a little more optimistic to rock out to. ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ is going to be a smash hit this summer. Unless there’s no summer. In which case we’d have few reasons to live, and be forced to supplement our happiness through Hostess products.

Featuring the vocal styling of Howard Jones, Cedric has crafted one hell of a catchy progressive house melody that will surely be featured during numerous sets this festival season. It would appear as if things can, and will only get better for Mr. Gervais in the year of 2103. The lyrics of this new song, when matched with Gervais’ beat, provide to create this incredibly uplifting and resonating message. So if your going through some rough times, or just want summer to finally arrive, this tune deserves a listen. And hey, look at it this way – things can only get better.

And there’s always Twinkies.


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