SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix Episode 6: “Half & Half” w/ DJ Tina T [EDM]

Spoiler Alert

For fans of Tina T, the last episode of SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix disappointed on multiple counts. The theme of last nights’ episode was called “Half & Half” and involved each competitor pairing off into teams of two. The duos were forced into groups chosen by Chris Karns because of his victory in the Miami challenge. Each team had to work together and combine styles in order to produce a 5 minute set to perform live for the judges.  The music genre chosen for tonights’ challenge involved all things EDM. Therefore guest judges and identical brothers The EC Twins provided the professional insight into the difficulties of spinning a simultaneously choreographed set. Chris paired our girl with DJ Brian Dawe, but unfortunately their styles didn’t match up. Their set was deemed the worst of the four, and both DJs were eliminated from the show.

It seemed as if Tina T didn’t really get her shot to show the judges her inventive, unique style. The pair emphasized too much physical activity in the booth that presented itself as overly fabricated. Their behind the back move was a clever idea, but it caused the flow of the set to sound irregular and forced. We know how talented Tina T is as a DJ and a producer, and it was an unfortunate way to go.


After seeing the short preview for next week, it looks as if DJ Tina T may be making a return in some sort of way. It looks to be an entertaining episode to say the least. Let’s just hope that the judges give her another shot to prove her worth. Next week, the cast takes on a new challenge called “Invent or Get Sent”. Log on to the  MOTM website for more details and up-to-date videos from past episodes.

Check out what DJ Tina T had to say about being scratched after the break.


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