Rudebrat – Always Wonder [HAPPY][Melodic Trap]


Rudebrat did something special with his latest single, ‘Always Wonder.’ Jake Bratrude (aka Rudebrat, we see what you did there Jake) has crafted his own style of trap music on this new jam. He calls it Soul Trap. We call it chill, trill, and mega-chill.

To begin, the melody is far and away from any trap song you have ever heard. It’s subtle, instead of in your face. Using exquisitely angelic looped vocals and samples galore, Jake has synthesized a new take on the genre of trap music that we can all groove too. And he has the same name as me! I wonder if he’s my evil twin? Or maybe I’m his evil twin? Oh no!

Weaving in electro-vibes and sweeping bass, this producer from the bay has created a fresh new sound that we love. Come to think of it, ‘Always Wonder’ is one of the most innovative and unique songs that we have heard this year. Show some love to Rudebrat via his Facebook, maybe give him a “thumbs up,” or a “like”, or however the hell you kids gesture approval these days.

One comment on “Rudebrat – Always Wonder [HAPPY][Melodic Trap]

  1. […] a uncanny melodic trap song filled with both vibrant and abundant amounts of samples titled “Always Wonder.” Now, he’s blowing our collective minds once again with his remix to Stephan […]


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