Nostalgia – The Hero VIP [HAPPY][HEAVY]


Andrew Hill, aka Nostalgia, stays true to his name on his latest release of ‘The Hero VIP.’

The song begins with a melody that we all know. We had a little difficulty putting our finger on what it was from until it hit us, like a slash from Link’s broadsword. It’s the theme from Zelda! This tune really brought us back to the good old days. Days when we played video games in our pajamas all day. Days when all we had to do was shout, “Mom I’m thirsty!”, and like that, a juice box would appear right before our eyes. The good old days.

Wow, we are getting nostalgic aren’t we?

This jam has been played and repeated many times over the past week. We just can’t get enough. The song breaks from it’s happy go lucky 8-bit melody and hits hard. The high pitched, squealing bass is infectious. This is definitely a song to bump when cruising in your car, laying out in the sun, or going on a cruise to the sun.

Show Nostalgia some love via his SoundCloud or his Facebook. This Minnesotan could use your support. And he deserves it, too.

One comment on “Nostalgia – The Hero VIP [HAPPY][HEAVY]

  1. […] old-fashion Nostalgia, it was on Andew’s reinvention (VIP) of his original production, “The Hero,” an homage to the classic, 8-bit theme song from the Zelda video game series. This time […]


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