Empire of the Sun – ‘Alive’ (Zedd Remix)


We’ve heard plenty about Zedd over the last few months, but not as much new stuff as we would’ve liked. The Russian-German producer sky-rocketed into the EDM scene over the year of 2012, topping charts with hits like Spectrum and Clarity. 2013, as we’ve Zedd, should be the year of Zedd. And today we get a first glimpse.

Last night, Zedd posted on his Facebook, “Ready for new music?!” along with this picture. zedd

Obviously what you can assume is that a remix of Empire of the Suns’ recent hit ‘Alive’ is on the way. And this time, assuming didn’t make an ass out of anyone. Except maybe the Zedd haters, if they exist.

Without further ado, the latest release from the man, the myth, the legend himself, Zedd.

One comment on “Empire of the Sun – ‘Alive’ (Zedd Remix)

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