We Got Mad Love for Monstercat: Pegboard Nerds & Tristam – Razor Sharp [HAPPY, HEAVY, FRESH]

We know a banger when we hear one. Apparently, so does Monstercat.

As you may have noticed, Monstercat Media has opened the proverbial flood gates when it comes to releasing new music. Day after day, week after week, this relatively new record label continues to pump out fresh EDM releases. Monstercat Records has proven that independent record labels can reshape the landscape of the music industry, and for the better.

The best part about this jam is the juxtaposition of genres that Pegboard Nerds and Tristam have created. The song begins to build with sort of an old-school, electro-house vibe. Queue those stratospheric, glitchy synthesizers and drop the bass. Where are we now? A glitched out, feel-good house track. Pegboard Nerds and Tristam switch up the style throughout the track to form a darker, ‘Razor Sharp’ drop.

Wait, your telling me that’s the name of the song? No way!

The team of producers have slapped a label of Moombahcore onto this new hit. Whats that you ask?

We’ll according to our friends at Wikipedia, aka the source of knowledge on the mysterious place known as the Internet, Moombahcore is a style of house music deviating from Moombahton. It can range to include elements of Dutch House, Reggaeton, Breakcore, Dubstep and Brostep as well. Typical Moombahcore tracks feature “wobble bass, FM synthesis, distorted basses, violent snares and leads, and complex drum patterns.”

The more you know.


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