FMLYBND is six member indie-pop electronic band from Isla Vista, California. Unlike much of the music we post on, their approach to “production” is vastly different. For one, they play instruments.

That sounds like a relatively frivolous and simple distinction, but in a world of computer-based producers it’s a breath of fresh air. FMLYBND dabbles in a wide range of instruments to record their phenomenally simple, yet beautiful, sound.

The group’s members have a long history with one another, becoming somewhat of a family over time, and the inspiration for their name – FMLYBND. Their single ‘Electricity‘ is a perfect example of their ability to truly coalesce after many years of working side-by-side. One simple listen will affirm this.

If you are into some of that more filthy stuff check out Candyland’s remix of this very same song. The duo does an excellent job of maintaining the track’s melodic integrity, while still laying down the grime when needed. Give both a listen and throw some support these artists way. That is if you like good music.

You like good music…right?

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