Rameses B – I Need You (I AM ROBOT Remix) [Heavy][FREE DL]

This track from I Am Robot reached the No. 2 spot on the weekly top ten list for Dubstep.net. I AM ROBOT is the brainchild of Huntington Beach native Sam Casucci. On his Facebook page, I AM ROBOT cites a long list of styles that he enjoys dabbling in, including: Dubstep, Drumstep, Progressive House, Deep House, Tech House, Psytrance, and Ambient.

Damn Sam gets around.

Don’t be discouraged by how this song is tagged. This remix of ‘I Need You’ by Rameses B is completely unique and unlike any other “dubstep” production we have ever heard. If you are turned off by the intensity and grime of the sub-genre, try giving this one a chance. ‘I Need You’ has got melody and nasty vocals to excess. Download it free of charge here.


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